Luxury Silk Small Porcelain Rhino Ornament

€ 1.250

Luxury Silk Small Porcelain Rhino Ornament



Luxury Silk Small Porcelain Rhino Ornament
The Luxury Silk small porcelain rhino ornament is decorated with two types of pure platinum, both matt and shiny, and shiny gold; its design is inspired by the iconic SR Cashmere motif.
  • 100% Porcelain
  • 14k Shiny Gold Decorations
  • 98% Pure Platinum Decorations
  • Luxury Silk Motif
  • 26x9x 14h cm
  • Made in Italy
All SR products are made from the highest quality materials and, with proper maintenance, they may be long enjoyed. Be mindful when washing fabric articles to read and follow the provided care labels, and avoid excessive contact with complex jewellery or rough surfaces. Keep items with leather in well-ventilated, cool and dry places. For fabrics, leathers, and metals avoid contact with fragrances, solvents and oils.
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